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If you want to avoid making costly mistakes and save yourself a lot of time, money and frustration find someone who's already doing what you want to do - successfully, and model them.png

            Get All Traffic Exchange Material for                                                  100% FREEonly for you











OK first of all look at their ALEXA ranking…if the traffic exchange has an Alexa ranking

less than 100,000 then test it further. Guys remember the lower the ranking- the better meaning the more traffic that website is getting (more hits).


If that Traffic Exchange has an ALEXA ranking of less than 50,000, then you can start and really pay close attention.


But for you guys on a tight budget and have ABSOLUTELY no way to pay for your traffic - then this could be a solution to your traffic problems.


BUT remember in order for this to work - you need to be consistent and spend a couple of hours a day (or even more if you can) visiting those sites and earning CREDITS.


Please don't write to me asking for an explanation of what TRAFFIC EXCHANGES are? Don't be wussy?!! Just type it on Google.




BEST 28 Traffic exchanges


1) Adchiever --------------------------------------------------

2) Easy Hits 4 U ----------------------------------------------

3) Downline Builder Direct ---------------------------------

4) List building Maximizer ----------------------------------

5) Email Hog --------------------------------------------------

6) List Bonus --------------------------------------------------

7) List Joe ------------------------------------------------------

8) Bweeble -----------------------------------------------------

9) List Jumper -------------------------------------------------

10) List Outbreak ---------------------------------------------

11) Traffic Splash ---------------------------------------------

12) My List Frog -----------------------------------------------

13) Reactive Adz ----------------------------------------------

14) State of the Art Mailer ----------------------------------

15) The List Auction ------------------------------------------

16) Viral Ad Store ---------------------------------------------

17) Viral Ads Unleashed -------------------------------------

18) Your EZ List -----------------------------------------------

19) ViralURL ---------------------------------------------------

20) Business World List -------------------------------------

21) List Surfing -----------------------------------------------

22) The Elite Safelist ----------------------------------------

23) Dragon Safelist  -----------------------------------------

24) European Safelist ---------------------------------------

25) Viral Networks ------------------------------------------

26) Viral Nugget ---------------------------------------------

27) ClixSense  ------------------------------------------------

28) Herculist  -------------------------------------------------

If u think whats the Catch here... So Answer is NOTHING.

NOTHING NOTHING.....  Just Sharing so that it might help somone.

Forum Marketing ?

Forum Marketing is sharing the knowledge base about the area of your expertise on online public forums. People ask questions and you answer there questions on the basis of your expertise. You create your online reputation which in return help u getting targetted leads and sales for your business.



Remember These Steps While Working With Forums :- 


1)  Must create signature where u can advertise, whenever u make post ur signature will be displayed under your post which helps in getting Quality leads.


2)  Before joining forum must look for the how many members are engaged in it.

If it has sufficient traffic in it and it is allowing to add signature or not.


3)  Make quality post people love qulaity when they see ur post they can go to ur website link and become ur business friends.


There are many forums out there in the market, but for you i have found some of the best forums which has highly targetted people in it.


And if ur just starting out with forums then you must


Start FIRST with WARRIOR FORUM and undersatnd how forum works, and then move to others.


So here is the list of some forums:-


As you can see above how signature looks like you can add ur website link also there, and remember forums give u free traffic and highly targetted people for your niche and you have to be remain active in forums daily for posting new threads and replying to others for there questions so that people will see that ur active and provide value content to others as well, which helps to grow ur business.


Find online forums in your niche from these sites:-




BEST Ad Post Classified Sites


The Hottest Recruiting Scripts In mlm by Eric Worre.

 Click on pdf file.

2 Types Of Traffic  The sky is the limit seriously, it virtually UNLIMITED.


1) Free Traffic - If you are low in budget then u can use free traffic sources.

2) Paid Traffic - If you have money to spend then go with paid traffic its FAST.


Mostly newbies got confused when it comes to TIER Traffic. It's basicly a group of countries where the visitors are from.

Tier 1 is usually traffic from the USA, AU, GB, CA, NZ, UK.
Tier 2 western europe
Tier 3 most other countries

(Mostly Tier 1 countries traffic is considered as the best. 
This is just to give you an idea, there are some more topics about it u can google it.)

Send your Ad to Over 81,500 Contact E-mail addresses !!        As a free member you can now submit your ad to 1000 EVERY DAY!



Email 80,000 prospects Daily.

Free to join. You Get 5$ for joining .

 38 Media Buying Resources It's a GOLDMINE. 


Do you want to get 10,000 visitors a day or 200,000 visitors a day?

Or maybe you want to get 500,000 visitors a day? It's all there.


You will just need to learn a few good strategies to funneling that traffic your way.

These are used by some of the BIG DOGS.



1)  Zedo ----------------------------------------------------------

2)  Ad Marketplace ---------------------------------------------

3)  Direct CPV ---------------------------------------------------

4) Plenty Of Fish (HOT!) --------------------------------------

5) SiteScout -----------------------------------------------------

6)  Chitika (This one is for the BIG DOGS) ---------------

7)  Pulse 360 --------------------------------------------------- 

8) --------------------------------------------

9) CPX Interactive ----------------------------------------------

10) Facebook Ads ----------------------------------------------

11) 7Search ----------------------------------------------------- 

12) Yahoo Search ----------------------------------------------

13) ClickSor -----------------------------------------------------

14) Aim4Media(International) -------------------------------

15) Ad Optim ----------------------------------------------------

16) Izea -----------------------------------------------------------

17) -------------------------------------------

18) Lead Impact ------------------------------------------------- 

19) Casale Media ------------------------------------------------

20) Jema Media --------------------------------------------------

21) TLV Media ----------------------------------------------------

22) Trellian --------------------------------------------------------

23) Harren Media ------------------------------------------------

24) LookSmart ---------------------------------------------------

25) Amobee ------------------------------------------------------

26) AdOn Network ----------------------------------------------

27) BingADS -----------------------------------------------------

28) Adengage ----------------------------------------------------

29) Adknowledge ------------------------------------------------

30) Adhitz ---------------------------------------------------------

31) Nationwide Newspapers ----------------------------------

32) -------------------------------------------------

33) Safe-swaps ----------------------------------------------------

34) ------------------------------------------------------

35) Solo Ad Directory ----------------------------------------------

36) Huffingtonpost ------------------------------------------------

37) Cnn money -----------------------------------------------------

38) Rev content ---------------------------------------------------

39) Infinite Leverage (Red HOT!!) -----------------------------

Want to Know more about these

Media Buying Resources.

Then just download this Pdf file FOR FREE !!.


Control Your Mind, Before It Controls You

Download Mindset Pdf Read It Daily.


1) You were Born Rich Book - Bob Proctor.

2) Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill.

Imp Advice :-

If You Are Really Serious To Make Money Online For Longterm Get Tools ASAP   and understand there strategy.

1) Autoresponder :- For creating list and following them.

2) Tracker & Rotater :- For Monitor, compare and optimize all your marketing links.

3) Capture page Creator :- For making stunning landing pages for opt-ins.

4) Split A/B Testing :- For comparing two versions of a web page to see which one performs better.


Autoresponder :-  If you are really serious to make money online then you have to start building your list FAST because as Top leaders says "Money is in the list". I am totally agree with that but actually they also says that Money is in the value that u provide to ur list.


And if ur new and don't understand What list is ? then in simple language i can say that list is called subscribers or people those who are interetsed to know about ur niche/product.


So for building a proper life long list u have to communicate with ur list you must have a autoresponder which is most helpful for interacting with ur list.


With the help of autoresponder ur messages will automatically send to your list when they opt -in  in ur capture page or squeeze page and you can make them life long subscribers/followers but remember to share value with them for FREE time to time (million dollar idea).


By using autoresponder service ur business become automated and run while you are on vacations. All i can say is get it ASAP.


So there are bascially many autoresponder companies out there

BUT i recommend using  AWEBER or GET-RESPONSE.

For more info about AWEBER click here

For more info about Get-Response click here



You can use any autoresponder u like but these 2 are the best and legit and

providing services from years and they give one month FREE trial as well for getting started.


If you ask me which is better then i suggest to go with Get- response.

As it provide better service/easy and less expensive than Aweber. 


Tracker & Rotater :-  There are many services offering to rotate (and redirect links on the web) even for free. You need to choose the one you can relay on based on the importance of the link and quantity of traffic you need to redirect.


But free tracker and rotater is not always good. As i suggest to upgrade.
Is more important to save money or to get a reliable and scalable service?


Pricing is different for every co. out there.

What i found is that the is the cheapest one with the Cost of $9.95/mntly and its PRO and it provides great service of unlimited tracking, rotating of links, banners, host custom domains, Split- testing etc.


Rest all the Trackers servies are costly, but u can go with any service provider out there i am showing you what i found the best and low in price and high in value.

Capture page Creator :-  There are hundreds of companies providing the service of creating the landing pages or caputre pages u can say. Just google the word landing page creator and u will find dozens co. out there.


But for you i have researched and found the best one:-

EasyLandingpagePro (ELPP)


Again i know ur thinking which one is better and low in price so i want to tell u that some of these needs monthly membership about $20 to 50$ per month or more  depends on which level ur using it.


You can also create ur landing pages by wordpress but at the end u need to host them with ur own domain so that link of landing page looks clean and professional and protect u from going blacklisted by google.



I personally use ELPP for which i dont even pay a penny or any monthly susbcription. I recommend to go with ELPP or u can use whatever you want.

Split A/B testing :-  Split testing is also referred to as “A/B” testing, meaning that you take one version of something (version A) and test it against another version where you‟ve changed something (version B).  The point of doing that is to see which one will get people to take the action that you want them to.


Hope this image will explian much better.


Rotators will allow you to cycle through different ads in one area of your website.  Placing a rotator on your website means that each time someone visits, a different tracker will be displayed.












Download A/B Split-testing Full Pdf

Click on pdf to download

Bridge Marketing Blueprint

What is Bridge Marketing

I am not sure how familiar you are with the term "Bridge Marketing".

But may be you have heared of the phrase "Bridging The Gap".


You see a bridge serves the purpose of helping people get across a gap

And this is necessary every single day in business. You and your products are one side of the gap

and your customer are on the other side of the gap. The bridge is your effective pitch to get them across.


 The key to a successful "bridge"  

is to tailor your pitch to meet their needs basically to create a "Bridge" that meets their needs and that solves their problems basically the better you get at "Matching" your products, services, & opportunities to what the customer is looking for the more effective you will be in your marketing.


So i am going to give to some examples of Good and BAD bridge marketing.

And hopefully this can help increase your effectiveness.


I am going to start by answering the question: 


EXAMPLE #1 :  Your target Audience is Stay At Home Moms and they ask from you what do you do?


Your 1 Answer : "I teach people how to optimize their websites to rank on the first page of google!".




Your 2 Answer : "I help stay at home parents earn extra income online, to spend more time with their kids without having to leave home for a job each day"

I am not saying one is better than another, i want you to think which one might be a better

match for somebody who is stay at home mom. 


So when you add something related to mom or parenting while giving reply to that particular

person that called bridge marketing.


EXAMPLE #2 :  Now lets assume your target Audience is Real Estate Agents and they ask from you what do you do? 


Your 1 Answer : "I teach people how to blog and get paid tons of moeny".




Your 2 Answer : "I help real estate agents find more buyers and sellers by helping them show up on the first page of GOOGLE".


and again i am not saying one is better than the other..Maybe that real estae agent is looking for way to make tons of money.

But what i am saying is that bridge marketing  is tends to be more effective to bridge to bring that real estate agent over that GAP.


EXAMPLE #3 :  Now lets assume your target Audience is  Network marketers and they ask from you what do you do? 


Your 1 Answer : "My company has the best compensation plan in the entire industry and the products are changing lives and curing cancer!"




Your 2 Answer : "I help network markters create more traffic, capture more leads and convert more sales for their business, by using 

facebook ads"

So this is just an example, so what u can do now is bridge ur offer, tailored it to them,you gave them something they want,

instead of recruit them. You  are trying to give them something that will help them in what they are already doing.


I am not suggesting that these are actual pitches that you would use. My point is simply that your results will  increase significantly. When u apply proper Bridge Marketing.


So whether you are chatting on facebook or placing a dark post to show up in their newsfeed, or you are advertising to get more

likes for your fan page, it does not  matter.


You want to "match" your pitch to their desires the best you possibly can!..

So this was a small technique but most powerful if you start taking action and

implement the Bridge Marketing you will see the quick change in your business soon.!! 

Download file  To know more about

Bridge Marketing ? 

4 Steps - Consistent Money online ?

PCTF :- If you see all around the world, people are making moneyonline in there own style or which suits them best, but these 4 steps one has to follow in order to make money online for long term. No matter which compnay he choose to promote.



So here are the  4 steps :- 

So if you follow the above 4 steps then you can generate money like super affiliates from home or anywhere. If you dont know how to do this , then you can message medirectly and i will give you 4 videos 100% free about how to dominate your marketplace. So that you can learn some strategies from that.

Choosing a Product Rules :- Must be in huge demand , Must have LOT of competition , Good commission is always nice. :)

Rules Of Traffic :- Don't follow the "herd" , Never depend on anybody for traffic , Never depend on any one particular traffic source , Dig your own well , Master traffic , Be strategic & Rise above the "noise".

Top 15 YouTube Ranking Factors That Generates

Traffic, leads & Sales.


Download this pdf file.


What is CPA Advertising ?



WARNING :Not For Begginers


CPA Stands for either Cost-Per-Action or Cost Per Acquisition. Its a type of affiliate 

marketing where you promote products through online. CPA given to those who have passed the Uniform  Certified Public Accountant Examination.


In Cpa an advertiser used to pay only for the actions that were a result of there need. The actions you can choose to pay for are Page likes, offer cliams, mobile app install or link clicks. CPA is a form where visitor or customer tends to sign up or register on the website about your product so you can receive money.


In simple words CPA is the multinational companies who are ready to pay for referral like capturing leads of potential customers and we get money for simply getting a lead to them. Its a modern way to make money from Affiliate marketing.



Types of CPA offers:- 


1) Email Submit - Consists of someone submitting their email address.

2) Zip submit  - Consists of someone submitting there zip code.

3) Free trial offers  - Great for niche related to weight loss, free samples, discount etc.

4) Install  - Consist of downloading and installing toolbar, app or something else. 

5) Form submit  - Consist of someone submitting their personal details in the form.

6) Game playing - Consist of someone  just playing a game.

7) Cost per sale (CPS) - (Amazon Affiliate or Teespring).

8) Cost per lead (CPL) - Can be single or double opt-in.






Pros & Cons  of CPA Marketing 


Here are some of the CPA Networks where you can go

and advertise your offer :-



1) Maxbounty 

2) Peerfly 

3) Clickbooth 

4) Neverblue 

5) Matomy 

6) CPAway PPC 

7) Above All Offers 

8) OfferVault 

9) Convert2Media 


Download this Pdf file.


Whats Trending in the market NOW and from the last 24hrs ?

Before presenting the offer, product or any biz opp to your targetted people

you have to know whts trending in the market and what people are talking about all

around the world.


So to know this you can find out through Googletrends or  Trends24 as i found that sometime people gets confused while finding the latest trendz in google trends so

i suggest this Trends 24 site to all those people as with this you can easily target the particular state and city of the specific country.


This trends24 will show you the Trends that are trending now and from the last

24hrs all around the world.


So use this and then after getting all info about the trends present the solution in front of your target audience or we can say that target the

audience after knowing the Trends in the market..

Remember To Use All Free Social Media Platforms.

Facebook, Craiglist, Slideshare, Traffic Swarm, Tsu, Pinterest, Twitterr Q&A, Linkedin, Google Plus, Yahoo Q&A, Forums, Google Alerts, Google Adwords, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube and much more.



Remember If Possible Then Must Do Offline Marketing Also. 

Do offline marketing only when ur offer is converting well online.

Voice Broadcasts, Newspaper ads, Drop cards, Text Marketing, Magazine marketing, Postcards, Print Advertising, Events and much more.


Tools and  Updates Are Coming Soon...


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