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Copywriting – The science of written persuason.

There’s magic in your words, did you know that? It’s true. When you use the right words to send the right message, you can make people pay attention and buy. And they’ll buy anything you’re selling – your products, your services, and yes, even your wacky ideas.


This “magic power” is called copywriting – and you can use it right now to increase your sales and profits. This product/service will show you how to craft spell-binding marketing that engages, persuades and converts prospects into buyers. So buckle up and hold on to your hat, because you’re in for a fun and wildly profitable ride.


5 Copywriting Rules That Cost You Sales If You Break Them.

You’ve already lost sales if you’re writing your own marketing messages or working with a copywriter who is not an expert.


The reason is simple. Your marketing return on investment (ROI) is limited if your copywriting doesn’t resonate with your target audience.


If the person writing your marketing messages doesn’t know how to craft compelling, meaningful, emotional, and actionable copy, the performance of your entire campaign is at risk of failing.


Here are five copywriting rules that you’re probably breaking in your marketing messages and don’t even realize it. Avoid them and watch your ROI rise.



1. First Rule of Copywriting


Your product or service is far less important than its ability to fulfill your customers’ needs. That means your marketing messages should focus on features and benefits that matter most to your target audience. It doesn’t matter what you like or think is important about your business, product, or service. All that matters is what your target audience thinks, wants, and needs. If a message doesn’t communicate something of value to the target audience, delete it.


2. 80-20 Rule


At least 80% of your copy should be written in the second person (i.e., “you”) and no more than 20% should be written in the first person (i.e., “I” or “we”). No one cares about you, so make sure your copy answers the consumer question, “What’s in it for me?” (WIIFM). Tell the target audience exactly what they’ll get when they take out their hard-earned money and buy from you.


3. K.I.S.S. Rule


Big words and jargon can be confusing and detract from a succinct and actionable message. Don’t use them. KISS is an acronym for “keep it simple stupid,” and in copywriting, it refers to your choice of words. Match your words to your target audience and show no mercy for filler words like really, that, and very which do nothing but clutter your copy and slow down the delivery of your key messages.


4. Red Pen Rule


When you think your copy is final, review it again and delete at least 30% of it. This ensures your messages are simple and you’ve avoided the mistake of including too much information. The end result will be tighter and more actionable copy that isn’t watered down with extraneous details.


5. SLAP Rule


Your copy should cause the target audience to:


  • Stop,

  • Look or Listen,

  • Act, and

  • Purchase.


Don’t suggest that consumers act after seeing or hearing your message. Demand that they do so by putting all of your copy through the SLAP Test. In other words, your copy should figuratively slap your target audience in the face so there is no chance that they won’t understand it and act on it.


It’s the words that make the sale.

If you want your business to thrive. If you want to have a big and loyal audience. If you want your site to generate more leads and sales without increasing your advertising budget, you must convert more of your visitors into buyers. And that’s precisely what copywriting can do for your business:



  • Good copywriting commands attention. It grabs your prospects by their eyeballs swiftly and mercilessly… and surrounds your business with targeted red-hot leads who are eager to devour virtually everything you’ve got to offer.


  • Good copywriting engages your audience. It tells your story with passion, captivates the reader and establishes trust and authority that turns casual visitors into raving fans and loyal advocates.


  • Good copywriting connects on a deep emotional level. It pulls at the prospects heartstrings, touches directly onto their deepest dreams and desires. And ties those desires to your products to spark excitement and create a burning urge to buy, buy, buy!


  • Good copywriting bypasses the rational brain. By using time-tested and cutting-edge sales psychology techniques, copywriting interrupts their thought patterns, dissolves buyers resistance and subtly but effectively persuades your prospects to take action.


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